Our dream land

Cultivating love

We value our soil and our terroir by simply using common sense. A great wine is born from a great grape, a great grape is born from a great terroir, and however prestigious it may be, you have to know how to take care of it and let’s not forget, we are in the heart of Aniane!

We give priority to
the taste, the taste and still the taste to all
stages of development :

We give priority to taste, taste and more taste at all stages of the winemaking process:

The taste determines the date of the harvest

Because we taste the grapes every day, we only harvest when the grapes are ripe. Far and beyond the traditional and technical measures, we only harvest when the seeds, flesh and skin of the grapes have the exact taste we dreamed of.

…the right time of vinification

Then the correct vinification time – we taste the grape must every day, sometimes even twice a day to achieve the perfect extraction of aromas and tannins…

…and the right assembly.

We taste again and again to
marry our different grape varieties until we manage to
express our evidence, our essential, and reach the and reach the perfect balance.

Good taste and common sense.

Our new vineyard plots are planted with 5 different grape varieties.

Our soils are covered with plants to avoid water evaporation and the decomposition of the mulch naturally nourishes the soil.

17 different species of fruit hedges that alternate with our rows of vines to imitate the perfect ecosystem of the forest… This is what we call Viti-forestry.

We do not machine work the soil… We prefer to let the earthworms, bacteria and mushrooms do all the work….

On certain plots we grow vegetables in permaculture between the rows of vines
to encourage biodiversity, which allows us also to supply our restaurants with locally grown produce…


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